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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 7, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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>> announcer: live in the kgo-tv broadcast center n is abc7 news. good morning i'm cheryl jennings. and i'm kristen sze. right now the coast guard is trying to bring in the man accused of kidnapping his two children. tuesday christopher maffei snatched his daughter and son from their mom's home fled to alameda and sailed away in a stolen yacht. >> early this morning a boater spotted maffei off the coast. terry mcsweeney with the latest. >> reporter: the latest is the coast guard aircraft has spotted unleashed this is the
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boat that was apparently stolen by mr. maffei. hate been spotted 50 miles off the coast of california somewhere off the shore of monterey and santa cruz. the coast guard had dispatch vessels to that boat, hopefully to bring this to a peaceful conclusion. after 36 hours this is the second sighting of the boat today. this is the man who police have been looking for since tuesday. about 4:00 this morning, 50 miles off the point in san mateo county, another boater spotted-)0ez him. >> having heard the description on his radio he approach the vessel and made contact with the subject on the vessel. he had a short conversation and then he left the vessel and contacted the coast guard. >> reporter: the sergeant says the boater was shown a picture of the suspect and id'd him as the man he spoken to. the boater says maffei was not
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alone. >> he did see a small child. detectives with the coast guard are currently en route to that area and that's where they will be conducting their search today. >> reporter: this began tuesday afternoon in south san francisco when maffei came to the home where his children lived with their mother he grabbed the children and took off. the next day his vehicle turned up in alameda, where a boat unleashed had been stolen. maffei visited that boat saying he intended to buy it he spoke of taking a trip to monterey or next a boater spotted the boat wednesday law enforcement couldn't spot it. all of this far from a worried mother. >> i'm afraid if they back him into a corner i don't want him to snap and do something stupid more than he has already done. i am worried for my kids. >> reporter: the mother told me she told maffei monday to stay away from the children
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until he got his act together, found a job and police to live. she says she was in the process of getting a restraining or this morning it appears that is the least of his concerns. the latest information, the coast guard has dispatched a boat to go into the craft, mr. maffei is on apparently with his two children they seemed safe and healthy this morning. questions remain, the kidnapping took place in m county, the boat was stolen -- in san mateo county the boat was stolen in alameda -- >> i'm sorry we lost terry's signal. reporting about the man who has taken two . we'll try to reestablish contact with terry. in -- in vallejo now police are asking for help solving a duck homicide last night police found the bodies of a young man and woman in a home 9:30. amy hollyfield joins us near
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the scene. a toddler was found alive in the house? >> reporter: a tadler in the home found by a neighbor and there's -- a toddler in the home fond by a neighbor and there's word the victim was pregnant with twins. one man ran to the house and discovered two people had been shot and their toddler was near bay. -- nearby. >> my neighbor got the baby. >> reporter: vallejo police say a 31-year-old man and 28-year-old were killed. one woman feigned and had to be treated by paramedics. they heard another man describing the victim as pregnant. >> he was calling his friends saying my sister had been shot i don't know, and she was pregnant. >> reporter: a woman who knows the couple say the woman was pregnant with twins. police say they won't know for sure until an autopsy is
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performed. investigators have not made any arrests. >> witnesses said that after the shooting two black males ran southbound on atherton, ran from the scene. >> reporter: police have not released any more information about the victims. people who knew the man gathered outside the crime tape and comforted each other. two women say, they were his girlfriends. >> good man, family or ed, he did his thing. >> i -- i can't understand how this happened. >> reporter: some say they feel nervous for their safety, police say they think this was a targeted attack. >> i think the neighborhood is fine i don't think it was random. >> reporter: police won't say why they think the couple was targeted and haven't released their names it doesn't look like there were signs of forced entry into the home. amy hollyfield, abc7 news women the case of two missing san jose men has come to an end in indiana the bodies were
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found in a shallow grave two weeks ago through dental records they've been identified. police say people are searching for a missing dog they came across those bodies in a wooded area one man suffered injuries to his head. this morning a memorial continues to grow outside the chp office in martinez. people are leaving flowers, cards and balloons to show their gratitude and sorrow in the wake of the 680 shootout tuesday that resulted in the deaths of a veteran officer and the driver who shot him. officer kenyon youngstrom's body is still at john muir where doctors say his organ and tissue donation will save dozens of lives. for those who want to make a contribution to the family wells fargo has confirmed you can visit any of their branches. we've -- we've received thousands of condolences on
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our face back page and invite you to share yours go to the labor department says u.s. employer added 96,000 jobs last month, well below the average of 139,000 a month since the start of the year unemployment rate 8.1. analysts say the lower rate is only because more people gave up looking for jobs. jobs are the focus of the campaign trail this morning president obama and vice president biden attended a rally in new hampshire in the face of lower than expected job growth the president noted businesses added jobs for the 30th month in a row. >> the president: we know it is not good enough we need to create more jobs faster. we need to come out of this crisis stronger than when we
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went in. >> there's a lot that we can do. >> meantime mitt romney was in iowa where he held a rally. he says the latest report shows president obama's policies are not working and the country deserves new leadership. >> there's almost nothing the president has done in the last 3 1/2, 4 years that gives the american people confidence that he knows what he is doing when it comes to jobs and economy and there's nothing he said last night that gives the american people confidence that he knows with what he would do to create jobs or build a stronger economy. >> from iowa romney flies to new hampshire this evening both are focusing on key swing states. president obama has set a new record on twitter, 53,000 tweets were sent out per minute during his nomination speech, compared to mitt romney who averaged a little more than 14,000 per minute during his speech last
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week. twitter says the president's top tweeted messages last night were, i'm no longer just a candidate, i'm the president. and i will never turn medicare into a voucher. >> american taxpayers will not likely get their money back in a solyndra reorganization land that moved forward this morning in court. a bankruptcy judge approved the fremont-based company's explanation of its plan, clearing the way for creditors to vote on. the irs plans to fight the plan at an october confirmation hearing saying it allows two private equity funds that controls solyndra to get tax breaks. apple's new venture. back in uniform, prince harry is back in the war zone in afghanistan on a dangerous new mission. mammograms may do more harm than good for a certain type of woman.
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prince harry arrived in afghanistan this morning. this video shows the 27-year-old on the ground in southern afghanistan examining helicopters. captain harry wales rejoined his unit morning scheduled to begin operations in the country's helmand province to join coalition forces fighting
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the taliban. >> working with his colleagues he will be in a difficult and demanding job and i ask that he be left to get on with his duties and focus on delivering support to the troops on the ground. >> this is prince harry's second tour of duty to afghanistan. today's deployment first ladies an embarrassing incident in las vegas when naked pictures of the prince surfaced online after a late night game of strip billiards. apple in negotiations to create its own virtual radio service in talks to license music for the custom radio app which would extend its dominance in the online music arena in direct competition with pandora which is offered as an app on apple. the new service would work across all the company's platforms ipad, iphone and mac, but not android. >> lisa argen in for meteorologist mike nicco. >> june of those days where crystal clear, visibility is great, in the 60s in most
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neighborhoods, here's a live look from our emeryville camera, low 60s here, 70s east bay valleys, no it is not going to last. i'll explain, coming up. employed but still homeless? people with fulltime jobs living in their vehicles and they are not alone. new do for the first day of school the unique haircut these brothers were given so people could tell them
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march live in the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. taking a look at this, one woman gave her children an unusual haircut for the first day of school after teachers may have a tough time telling them apart she took them to the barber for crew cuts but left the numbers on their heads. the teachers say the new dos helped identify each brother. the mother admits she and her husband still have a hard time telling their sons apart. you can do that when they are six at eight, i don't think so.
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>> cute though with gorgeous day still nice over the weekend today looks like the warmest. right now nothing but sunshine, quiet last couple of days finally getting moisture out of the bay area with that, clear conditions. isn't this beautiful? not a cloud in the sky and live doppler 7 hd shows the fog has been pushed offshore. what that means is we are getting a slight offshore push allowing for temperatures to warm quickly all remnants of that moisture to the east of us, we are clear everywhere. a little element helping us clear out the skies today going to lift out of the bay area and contribute to a little cooling headed our way over the weekend. right now 60 in the city. over the east bay hills by the delta we are near 70, 69 livermore, 75 antioch, 72 by
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the delta, upper 50s half moon bay. pretty much everywhere we are warmer, sunny for everyone. a few degrees cooler tomorrow you may not notice it. we'll kick that breeze up along the coast. certainly by sunday we will see cooler conditions. behind this next trough that moves our way, warmer conditions. that'sñmzpá why you follow us fm day-to-day, minor ups and downs and more dramatic swings in temperatures headed our way by the end of next week. overnight lows 53 san francisco, 55 fremont upper 50s san jose, fog entering the bay we will be looking at a couple of changes, first this area of low pressure pushes north and east of us, allowed for a clear conditions slight offshore push another broad area of low pressure going to set up closer into tomorrow that will bring our cool down by sunday. 93 in sacramento, not much of
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a delta breeze there. moisture out of the northern see rather perhaps a renegade thunderstorm in the southern sierra still warm, 92 there. temperatures in and around the south bay from upper 70s to the low 80s, 77 menlo park cool at our coast, 70s on the peninsula, north bay couple 80s returning for sonoma, a lot of fog and haze this morning, now sunny and beautiful out there with low 70s for our east bay upper 80s here to maybe a 90 around brentwood and antioch dublin monterey bay sunny beautiful afternoon tonight chilly for giants game clear and the fog moves in later numbers dropping through the 50s as we cool off, a little tomorrow, more significantly sunday and notice temperatures back up warmer with that offshore flow typical september forecast. a little known program in
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-- [ unintelligible ] people who have fulltime jobs but can't afford a place to live. the parking program allows drivers to legally live out of their cars at several parking lots. homeless advocates got the council to adopt that program in 2002. lots have been filling up daily. many include people who have fulltime work but could not cover housing accounts -- housing costs. >> i think people would be shocked if they would come and meet some of these people. when they come into my office, i want to cry, because it reminds me of someone that could be my mother, my sister, my brother. >> other coastal communities have high cost of living have modeled their own parking programs after san . new research may have -- may have some women rethinking getting mammograms the x-rays could raise the chance of breast cancer for women under
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30. the study found they mostly affect women with a certain gene mutation common in eastern european jewish population. the study suggests mri's are safer. tonight dozens of hollywood stars will be asking to you step up in the national fight against cancer. they will be taking part in the third stand up to cancer telethon. you can watch the telethon beginning 8 p.m. here on abc 7, "stand up to cancer" has already raised more than 180 million dollars. next, friday's perfect pet. look at this. lisa argen back to introduce us to a new friend. first here's josh and lara with what is coming up. coming up today on good afternoon america! is it okay to date someone mo makes less money than you?
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what do you say we go toe-to-toe on that? >> katie couric is here to reveal the truth about her new show. >> all straight ahead on
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the new line-up next monday general hospital 1 p.m. instead of 2:00. who wants to be a millionaire at 2:00, followed by jeopardy at 2:30 then katie couric at
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3:00, followed by abc7 news at 4:00. >> today on abc7 news at 4:00, the space heater that is prompting a new warning. michael finney has the details. then at 5, something the state is failing to do that is putting domestic violence shelters and the whip they protect at risk. those stories and more later today. perfect pets are always cute this one takes the cake. >> lisa argen what do you have? >> i have a baby koala so is so cute, just two months old. an knee is here from the -- anita is here from the spca. tell us about this doll face. >> this young lady came in with her little brother who looks very much like her. and he is in the process, we hope of being adopted that's why she is by herself today. her age and weight about the
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same two months, two pounds. >> she is too cute. >> she is a darling little girl you came close to having to do perfect pet without a pet today, i almost brought her home. >> i can see why. >> they would be a wonderful pet for anybody. you want her to turn around? >> yeah, call 5 -- you said her brother might have a home? >> i hope so, probably not i deal for a family with very young -- ideal for a family with very young children. >> thanks for joining us. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next. >> have a great day and great >> have a great day and great weekend.
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